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#1 – MIKE JONES – 07/06/2007 – 10:25

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  • Dustin says:

    I just want to start by saying I think u all have a great and wonderful thing going. I apologize for taking up any of ur time with my concerns. I was just curious as to why the rookies that are trying to qualify for the nationals at ur race in Clinton are having to pay the same admission as spectators when they are also having to haul to four out of five other races. I thought we wanted to premote chuckwagon racing not scare people off. Witch brings up my other concern by buying a membership threw y’all will take away from other memberships associations, which I thought we wanted to get more folks into. Thanks for ur time.

  • Oh, I have one more question for Dan. This was the first year I have ever gone down and played in the river on the horses. It was 7 of us down there and a lady got mad and was real rude to us for being down there and swimming our horses. I am probably the oldest out of the bunch and am 27 and she was treating us like kids saying she was going to go get Dan, that we were NOT allowed to swim our horses down in the river and we needed to leave. I checked in the book, it didn’t say anything about it and stopped up at the check in and asked and they said they had never heard of anyone not being allowed to ride or swim in the creek. I just wanted to be clear on what we could and couldn’t do on your ranch. I don’t want to cause any trouble and want to show ya’ll and everyone else on the ranch respect, but I just thought she could have approached us in a lot better manner than what she did. I guess what I am needing is to have your approval, have this ever happen again, or just the knowledge that you would rather us not ride or swim in the creek.

  • Dan & Peggy,
    I just got my 2009 dvd in, I dropped what I was doing and sat down and watched it. Wow, I honestly think this is the best DVD yet by far! They did an amazing job on it this year!
    I also am sending Clif Andrus a cd copy of all the pictures I took from this past year. I posted some on the website, but I took over 1300 pictures so it’s hard to upload them all on here. If you would like to for me to, I can send you a cd as well. I think the main ones I haven’t uploaded yet are the ones of the classic races.
    But I hope all is well, I look forward to seeing everyone next year!


  • tswil06 says:

    wanted to find out about haveing a booth we do old west photos would need elec and water
    can we park a camper where we would set up and how much would this cost

  • jodi says:

    Oh, yea…..forgot to ask,how early can we com and set up our camper and pens for the horses?

  • jodi says:

    Hello, Peggy and Dan. I really enjoyed my very first National Chuckwagon Race in 2008. I had a blast and plan on attending every race possible in the future. (By the way this will be my husband Calvin’s 3rd time attending, made him bring me instead of his friends last year.) I loved spending time with my horses and my husband, and having the fellowship that is there! We look so forward to the race all year long, and plan on spending the whole week this year. The main reason for this entry is that last year on Friday in the middle of the night, someone rode into our camp and stole my husband’s boots with the spurs attached! We looked all Saturday for the boots, found one in the ditch about 500 yards from our camp with no spur. The boots could be replaced, but my husband had those spurs given to him by his older brother when he was 13…. (By the way we even had our lights on around our camper and trailer when they were stolen!)We just wanted everyone to keep your special items locked up, in the event that someone else might find them more special than you. This year come by and see us if you can, we will be on top of the hill, by the pond, at the Stolen Spur Camp. Lol……. Can’t wait till Labor Day week!

  • Michelle A. says:

    In 2007 there were portable showers available for a price. They started at $5.00, but not many people used them. When they lowered it to $3.00, they had more customers. Last year (2008), they weren’t there at all, and were really missed. I heard several people talking about them at the 2 warm showers in Southfork. Will those showers be back in 2009? Given these tough economic times, If they were there, I would suggest a ‘package deal’ as in 2 showers for $5.00 or $3.00 each. I think that sounds fair. I would like to pass on that the folk who ran them, they cleaned them after every person, and did a GREAT job!! Nothing at all like the cold showers or the ones in Southfork. They kept them clean. Thanks and see you in August!

  • Taylor08 says:

    I really enjoy camping and the whole atmosphere of the Clinton wagon races, however, the fee to get in (in my opinion and several others) is a little steep. Especially if you have a family that you bring with you. I think in light of the economic crisis, it would be a very wonderful and welcomed jesture if yall were to lower the camping prices this year instead of raising them, or even give discounts to campers and not just the racers. My family and I usually come for the whole week but this year we may not come at all b/c of the prices. I know more ppl would come if yall did lower your prices a bit. Just a thought……..

  • justin says:

    Dan… I have a band that you mite be interested in booking for next year. They are called Western Underground, Chris Ledoux’s band. They have a guy singing for them and they do some of their songs and Chris’ too. His son still plays one of the two sets of drums that they have on stage. Their music would fit good with the crowd at the races.
    Go Hog Eye

  • Amanda Rhodes says:

    Dan and Peggy… I have to say the dvd’s this year were REALLY good. Out of all the videos I have to say this was the best! I am really looking forward to next year, as always! Also is there anyway you can tell me if they are going to do the Extreme Cowboy races again for the preshow or are ya’ll going to do something new.
    Amanda and the TNT Big mule team

  • Hulio says:

    Hello, Peggy and Dan. I really enjoyed my very first National Chuckwagon Race in 2008. I had a blast and plan on attending every race possible in the future. I purchased a dvd of the 2008 race and was wanting to know when I should recieve it. Thanks and God Bless

    Booneville, Mississippi

  • PeggyEoff says:

    An update on Joe T. Smith of the Dark Horse classic team that wrecked on Sunday afternoon. Joe T. suffered a broken right shoulder–in three places and also had hip bone fractures on his right side. He is not to put any weight on that shoulder for at least 12 weeks, which is making rehab on his hip a problem. He is at the Chenal Rehab in Little Rock, and as of now, we are not sure how long he will be there. I have been in contact with his wife Sondra, and she said Joe T. would love to hear from friends. His phone number is 501 884 7300, or if you would like to send some get-well wishes, his address is 210 McGrew Lane, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913.

    Sondra tells me that his horses are fine, and that his wagon is repairable–and he is already talking about next year! She also asked for prayers for him, and this is something we can all do for him. When I have more news, I will certainly keep everybody posted.

  • Tracy Durrett says:

    Dear Dan & Peggy
    My husband is interested in entering the “Snowy River Race”. He would like to know the rules and entry fee for this race. Would greatly appreciate any information you have for this race.
    Thank You

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