Summer Series

Summer Series Information

Each racer must have a membership card to race in the Summer Series and/or at the National Championship.  The deadline to purchase the card this year is APRIL 15. The price for cards is $25 unless you have received your 10 year veteran pins at Clinton.  If you have received your 10 year pin, your card will be free.  An application must be filled out before you receive your cards.  You will present this card when you enter the West Gate and at any series-affiliated races you plan to attend this year.

The membership card can also be used as a “rookie” card—for new teams (in any division) to enter at the Nationals.  As you know, it is difficult for a new team to enter because of the limited number of heats.  Rookie teams must not have entered the previous year at the Nationals, and can have only one team member that races in another division.  Rookie teams must also race at five or six of the series races.  They will then race at the Nationals on Thursday, August 30.  The team with the fastest qualified time on Thursday will win a position for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and be invited back for following years.

The 2012 series will consist of seven to nine races that are approved by the National Championship Chuckwagon Race. Eligible divisions are Classic, Buckboard, and Big Mules.  Teams that enter and race at a minimum of five or six of those races will qualify to win a trip to Las Vegas.  All winning teams will be sent to Las Vegas this year to the National Finals Rodeo.  The winners will be decided at the Nationals.  The team with the fastest time in their division that attended and raced at the required number of series races will be awarded a trip for each team member and a guest.

Check our website for updates regarding this information.  All of our races have not been finalized so some of the numbers may change.

 More Info on Summer Series Approved Races below….


Summer Series Approved Races

The 1836 Chuckwagon Race March 1st- 3rd


We still have openings for track owners.  If you, or someone you know would like to have a race please contact Dan Eoff at (501) 745 8407.  Sanctioned race sites are subject to change based on the first to submit their applications and fee.


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